I often like going through my old works to see how I’ve improved and how I can improve further. I don’t often remake something unless I have to or find that it was terrible to begin with; a few of NPN’s videos have gone that way. Not today though, I decided to give the core members of NPN new icons! Based on the originals of course, we’ll start with the least drastic change:

Rax Ventus

Rax’s changed the least overall, honestly I just turned his head to reveal that he’s been winking the entire time!


Preston’s is where we start seeing a trend, the design’s have become more detailed. I tried my best to adhere to the original style, but sometimes you can’t get away with that amount of simplicity.


Now sporting a DualShock clone! The original controller design was straight up awful, would you want to hold that thing? I also vastly improved the hand. Unfortunately the pointy handles were lost, I couldn’t get it to look right on the DualShock form factor.

The Drak Man

By far the most detailed, and a huge difference from the original, apparently when Drak said he wanted chains, he didn’t mean in the background! If you’re a bit confused by the image, it’s a cat-dragon tangled in chains.

Are you ready?

Are you? Can your mind handle the magnitude of which this next image will shock you? I don’t know, you seem pretty shaky now, are you sure you’re ready? Well alright, scroll down.

That’s right! It didn’t change at all! I honestly can’t think of what I would even do with it, and this is one of those instances where you totally can get away with simplicity.


I think my abilities have grown a lot, and I’m especially proud of GOHO’s. They seem to stray from the core style of NPN a bit, but I think that’s okay. They still look fine when compared to Parton’s nameplates, and they don’t look out of place next to their older siblings either.

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