MineCraft Reinstanced is a modpack for Minecraft version 1.12.2. It features 140+ mods, with the likes of Quark, Immersive Engineering, Thaum Craft, and many, many more. It was developed using MultiMC! You should go check that out!

Versi-on’s primary goal with the modpack was to make a game that felt like Minecraft, but had a lot more to it. More to do, more to explore, more to craft. Just more, that being said, the modpack is about average size (in terms of mod count) compared to other packs, so it should run on older hardware.

MineCraft Reinstanced can be downloaded over on Curse. The credits can be viewed here.

There’s also a version built specifically for MultiMC and Technic on the Downloads Page.

Any Issues you encounter can be reported here. Please Report bugs to us first, we will do our own testing, and we will report a bug to the mods developers only if it’s found to happen outside of MC Reinstanced.


For legal reasons, we cannot ship Optifine with this modpack. We do, however, highly recommend that you use Optifine with this modpack. For instructions on installing Optifine with this modpack, click here (This will be linked at a later date). We have other optimization mods in place as well, however Optifine still remains the best option for improving FPS based on our testing.

You’re welcome to change any configuration options, but we advise that you don’t change the config for things like Configuration Checker, Vanilla Fix, and Better FPS. We also advise not changing the tables for Craft Tweaker and Villager Trade Tables, while as of Beta 1.0 (Released November, 2018) no recipes are implemented yet, the intention is to correct game balance and make mods inter dependent, and also allow some items that don’t have crafting recipes to be obtainable.

The modpack is in Beta, and in light of that, it’s not completely finished, but all of the content updates are done, and in theory no more mods will be added unless the community decides a mod should be added. Of course Versi-on reserves the right to say no to any mod request, though we’ll always try and give our reasoning for why a mod won’t be added.


System Requirements

Results may vary, a lot depends on system configuration. Also, these tests were performed at middling resolutions. Usually 1600*900 to 1920*1080. All testing was done with Optifine installed, on Windows operating systems. (And Ubuntu, results are the same)


3 Gigs of RAM dedicated to Minecraft

Intel HD Graphics 2000 OR AMD Radeon HD 3450 (Pushes between 30-40 FPS on low settings)

Intel Core i3-7350K OR AMD Ryzen 5 1500X (Stuttering in busy areas, but otherwise playable)


5 Gigs of RAM dedicated to Minecraft

GTX 750 OR AMD HD 7790 (Should Push a solid 60 FPS on decent settings)

Intel Core i5-2400 OR AMD FX-8150 (Not experienced any major issues)


We’re not going to give specifics, but in general we’d recommend at least an i7 or a Ryzen 7 paired with a GTX  10 Series or AMD RX 500 Series card.


A few notes

There is a spike of lag where the game will freeze for about half a second or so before resuming, this is unavoidable, and it’s largely inconsistent with when it will occur. However, it hasn’t proven to be a problem to anyone, and it’s usually not common, but it will happen and it is normal

The game does take a while to start, especially on first run. It will also take a bit for the animation that plays at the beginning to start, but it doesn’t increase load time almost at all. The modpack just takes that long to load.

The animation itself will stutter during playback, this is normal, and expected as Forge loads everything in the background, the animation is given as little resources as possible, so stuttering is expected.

There is a configuration checker, it will alert you if you haven’t allocated enough ram. Do note that while the checker will not crash the game if you haven’t allocated enough. In our testing anything less than 3 will increase load time a ton, and the game is pretty much unplayable on only 2 (Minecraft will constantly have to clean up ram, resulting in near constant stuttering).

License in Layman’s Terms

This Project is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.

Please respect the licenses of the mods and resource packs within.

Basically, do what you want with it as long as you document your changes, include a copy of the license, and you DO NOT use the Versi-on, Normal Peeps Network, Astra Group, and MineCraft Reinstanced name or branding.