Hey everyone, Lukis forgetting to save the game here.

I have some interesting things to talk about regarding the channel.

Normal Peeps don’t post consistently, at all. We know it’s a problem, it’s a difficult one to solve when we all work and the main editor is also going to school on top of that.

Enough of that sad stuff though. I promise that there will be at least one video a month! They’ll have to be higher quality to account for this, but I hope we’ll be able to move the Channel in the direction we want. We’ve been wanting to do comedy for a while now, we have a lot of ideas, but nothing else, in light of that it may take a bit for the first skit (End of November 2018) to come out.

We might start streaming as well, in part because it’s a fairly easy thing to just do in your free time, and it’s enjoyable. I’ve personally been wanting to stream A Hat in Time for a while now.

Also, Scarecember is going to be our main yearly celebration, and it will happen again this year, and hopefully forever onward. It’ll be followed up by NPN’s birthday Celebration, which will probably contain another message like this one, since it happens in February.

Lastly, we’re working on a new show, not gonna give any names right now, and it won’t be out for a long, long time (Our goal is fall, 2019). Rest assured, it’s gonna be cool

Thanks for reading everyone. This has been Lukis remembering to save the game.

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