Game Over Hand Out has a rather unfortunate acronym.

Witty humor, crazier than Preston, or pretentious art nut. Why not all three? Loves fudge, hates being told he can’t parry.


Goho is stupidly good at video games, he’s got an art degree. Or, as he likes to put it, a degree in bull shitting. Goho is always funny or insanely deep and provides a more insightful, if not still humorous, counterpart to Preston. Goho is certainly crazier though, just don’t tell Preston we said that.


What they do for NPN:

Goho has an art degree and some film school. He’s super intelligent, super talented, and always offers an insightful look into things when off camera. Goho is also the mastermind behind the majority of our skits. Goho is one of the first members of NPN, back when it was still Some Normal Peeps!

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